Web Application Developer

Mid-Level (to Senior) – North Dallas, Texas (Partial Remote)

Job Listings October 9, 2020


Artisans Collaborative is looking to immediately hire, or full-time contract, a mid to senior level web application developer in the North Dallas area with the option to work remotely.

  • We are a small team of software engineers and want to grow our team of problem solvers.
  • We collaborate on a variety of web-based applications and create next-generation solutions to modern business problems.
  • Your programming tasks will be based on your aptitude and interest, and will directly contribute to the meaningful solutions we build for customers.


Artisans Collaborative is a full-stack development firm. We are seeking developers with a wide-spectrum of skills and understanding. Including infrastructure and backend programming as well as mobile and web app development. You should have ample experience with frontend development as your primary tasks will be web and mobile app development.

We value communication skills and a strong aptitude for problem-solving. We need a proactive collaborator who can take responsibility for their projects. You should be able to identify and explain solutions, and be willing to ask for assistance from the team when needed.


Artisans Collaborative hires for attitude and trains for aptitude in specific skills. A qualified collaborator of the team should be able to:

  • Communicate clearly and efficiently both verbally and in writing
  • Self-manage time and resources to maximize personal productivity
  • Follow instructions and extrapolate for lack of definition based on best practices
  • Document work and contribute to shared knowledge
  • Take personal responsibility for assignments as well as team and customer success
  • Fit into the lifestyle of a small-business built by a team of entrepreneurs
  • Promote quality engineering from first principles in all areas of their work.

Our requirements are open-ended and we are interested in best fit over a specific skill set. We will attempt to customize the role and responsibilities to your skills, therefore frontend, backend, and mobile app developers are welcome to apply.


Artisans Collaborative does not expect you to be an expert. We expect you to want to take your skills to the next level by working on meaningful projects that expand your problem-solving skills. As a full-stack development firm our team regularly uses the following technologies:

  • 6+ years of experience building web or mobile applications
  • OSX (we are a Mac-only team)
  • CI/CD (Git, Github, CodePipeline)
  • Docker (Alpine/Amazon/Ubuntu Linux)
  • Amazon Web Services (including EC2, S3, IoT, Lamba, IAM, CloudWatch, Route 53, etc.)
  • MySQL (including AWS RDS, DynamoDB, and other DB technologies)
  • PHP 7.2+ (Laravel, Composer, PHPUnit)
  • JavaScript (Node, Typescript, React/Native, VueJS, NPM/Yarn)
  • HTML5/CSS3 (Webpack, Tailwind, SCSS/LESS)


  • Competitive pay and performance-based profit sharing
  • Retirement benefits via SIMPLE IRA with 3% employer matching
  • Eligibility for artisan partnership (for qualifying employees)
  • Dedicated office and remote/from-home working option
  • Generous paid vacation policy and flexible working schedule
  • Annual equipment stipend and other productivity perks like Spotify Pro
  • Paid conference attendance and access to libraries of learning and training

How to Apply

Our customers require our artisans to be working in the United States. You must already be eligible for employment within the United States for consideration.

  • If you already live in freedom-loving Texas, especially the North Dallas area, or are willing to be relocated, then you should apply immediately. Logistically these candidates will make the most sense for our career opportunities.
  • If you live elsewhere in the United States, you are also encouraged to apply as a remote candidate with the expectation that you will be occasionally required on-site for corporate retreats and training. We already have remote team members so you’ll be in good company.

Send an email to apply@artisanscollaborative.com with an attached CV/résumé and describe your experience, interests, and why you would like to work with Artisans Collaborative. Mention the word “kookaburra” so we know you read to the end and are detail-oriented.