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The Importance of Upgrading to PHP 7

Whether you missed the recent December release of PHP 7 in the holiday bustle or followed the release date down to the minute, you most likely have already heard about this important programming update. This release can provide major benefits to legacy web applications, so our strategists here at Artisans Collaborative want to take a few minutes to highlight why upgrading to PHP 7 is important and how it might affect the development process.

Your Job Is Not What You Want

The beginning of a new year is an ideal time to evaluate what you want from your career. Your wish list for the ideal position will most likely include basic things such as vacation hours, flexibility to spend time with family, increased pay, more knowledge and maybe even a promotion. Hopefully, you will get everything you want, but your job is not ever going to simply be what you want.

Career Advice to Upgrade Your Life

You have decided to undertake a new career and have set your sights on the world-wide web of software engineers, computer programmers, application developers, website designs and, of course, coders. Now that you have made that decision, you have the task of seeking out new opportunities and determining exactly what challenges await you on this journey. In order get to the next level, you need to pinpoint exactly where you are on your way to becoming a professional problem solver and where you want to be.

Using Rate Limiting on Method Calls With Laravel
– Part 2

As seen in the previous article in series Rate Limiting Method Calls with Laravel, the proxy pattern is tremendously useful for a variety of programming challenges. While the first part described what the proxy pattern is and gave some examples and context for when to use the proxy pattern, this follow-up article will focus on the practical side of the implementation details.

Establishing a Communication Workflow

Consultants and managers wear many hats – writing code, taking phone calls, answering emails, and meeting with new customers. Customers will always have questions, software products will have bugs, designs will need revisions, and servers will go down. When it comes to managing the perpetual influx of emails and phone calls, it can feel like a game of infinite pinball.