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We Are Sponsoring Lone Star PHP 2016

Artisans Collaborative is excited to be one of the sponsors of Lone Star PHP 2016. This annual conference brings together awesome speakers from Texas’s South Central region and beyond for three days of powerful keynotes and helpful breakout sessions. Conferences give our team a chance to learn new skills and meet fellow developers, so we are honored to be able to make it easier for companies to bring their entire team to the conference.

We Are Our Customers

Have you ever shocked your customer by offering an insight that they never thought of – maybe even never asked for? Moments like that are the fuel that powers our passion to take personal ownership of our customer's business challenges. Sure, we are designers, developers and creatives but we are also entrepreneurs, business advisors and professionals. We cannot help but try to continually improve our own understanding and processes, which directly impact customer operations. We are involved so much because we are creative partners with our customers.

Parse Discontinues Service. Now What?

Founded in 2011 and purchased by Facebook in 2013, Parse is one of the leading hosting services for web and mobile apps. The platform was an integral part of Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote last year, so it came a shock to many when Parse announced they would be discontinuing service. Now what are developers suppose to do?

The Importance of Upgrading to PHP 7

Whether you missed the recent December release of PHP 7 in the holiday bustle or followed the release date down to the minute, you most likely have already heard about this important programming update. This release can provide major benefits to legacy web applications, so our strategists here at Artisans Collaborative want to take a few minutes to highlight why upgrading to PHP 7 is important and how it might affect the development process.

Your Job Is Not What You Want

The beginning of a new year is an ideal time to evaluate what you want from your career. Your wish list for the ideal position will most likely include basic things such as vacation hours, flexibility to spend time with family, increased pay, more knowledge and maybe even a promotion. Hopefully, you will get everything you want, but your job is not ever going to simply be what you want.