Can Code Change Lives?

For most, coding is a magical power that fuels their favorite smart-phone apps. For the team at Artisans Collaborative, programming is a valuable skill we offer our valued customers. The question remains, could being able to code mean more? Can code actually change lives? NPX is working with The Last Mile project to make code have an impact.

NPX is one of our awesome and truly innovative customers, who has recently teamed up with The Last Mile organization to offer the world's first Impact Security. The New York Times covered the deal. The Impact Security is revolutionary in the nonprofit sector because it allows investors, for the first time ever, to invest in a nonprofit and still yield a return. More than just a return, investors and donors can make a measurable impact.

"Innovation is crucial to keep industries moving forward. Companies are continuously evolving and innovating, the same should be true for nonprofits and the communities they serve. The NPX team has taken this approach to philanthropic giving and its innovative solution will help nonprofits to raise more funds…"
Richard Branson, Virgin Unite

The Last Mile organization piloted a special program by issuing an Impact Security to fund a coding boot camp inside a prison – also the first program of its kind. Using the $800K in investor capital provided through the Impact Security, The Last Mile will be able to transform the lives of the incarcerated individuals by giving them valuable programming skills needed to gain employment upon their release. Families of the victims will receive restitution from the higher paid wages the technology sector can pay the inmates, and the prison system should see a decrease in recidivism. Based on the measured impact results, donors who traditionally just donated and hoped for impact, now donate based on the performance and impact of the program. The $900K in donation pledges will repay the investor plus interest. For the prisoners in The Last Mile program, coding is more than a job. Coding is freedom.

Artisans Collaborative is excited to be involved in the design and website development efforts of NPX as they see this innovative financial instrument come to life. We look forward to seeing all the new, better philanthropic opportunities that their "donor playbook" will now bring about with the launch of the first ever Impact Security.

Learn more about the revolutionary Impact Security and NPX by visiting or see their recent press release in the New York Times. Visit to learn more about The Last Mile and their coding boot camp.