We Are Sponsoring Lone Star PHP 2016

Artisans Collaborative is excited to be one of the sponsors of Lone Star PHP 2016. This annual conference brings together awesome speakers from Texas’s South Central region and beyond for three days of powerful keynotes and helpful breakout sessions. Conferences give our team a chance to learn new skills and meet fellow developers, so we are honored to be able to make it easier for companies to bring their entire team to the conference.

If you will be attending Lone Star PHP this year, be sure to sit with us in sessions, find us in the hallway tracks, or meet up with us during the after parties. We want to collaborate with freelancers, small business owners, coworking space managers and members, anyone looking for a change in their career, and employers who are looking to implement artisan methods within their team. Even if you do not fit into one of these groups, we would love to talk to you about your work and swap notes about the tech industry!

Though we are silver sponsors, we won’t be manning a booth or table this year. Instead, our team will be sitting in on sessions and learning from talented speakers about APIs, PHP 7, automation, Wordpress APIs, HTTP2, Docker, and more. While Keith Casey and Anthony Ferrara are welcomed returning speakers, we are also excited to see a new group of speakers on the schedule. Having heard Eryn O’Neil speak at many conferences, we highly recommend her “How to Cope When It All Hits the Fan” session as must-listen. And then there is this to look forward to:

You can learn more about the speakers at this year’s conference by checking out the complete 2016 speaker schedule on the Lone Star PHP website. If you are one of those speakers, we have an Artisans Collaborative swag box for you as a way to say “thank you” for being awesome. Find us in one of your sessions or stop us in the hallway tracks to claim yours.

Be sure to follow @artisanscollab on Twitter to learn more about the topics we are passionate about and to stay updated about our special Lone Star PHP attendee giveaways! That’s right we’ll be giving away stuff throughout the entire conference, so watch for our Tweets announcing the swag box giveaways.

Interested in working with Artisans Collaborative? Then you’ll be glad to know we are hiring! See our job listing page for more details. With teams based in San Antonio and Dallas, we are specifically looking to hear from creatives living and working in the McKinney, Allen, Plano, Frisco and neighboring North Dallas areas. If you want more information about who we are, what we do, and how we can help your business, drop us an email at support@artisanscollab.com.