A Creative Design Lift

It's like the mechanic who drives the worst car in town. It's been over two years since we really updated our own website. The challenge is that we are always trying to improve the design that it is hard to settle on the look and feel in between working on our more pressing customer projects.

After much back and forth we decided to just "ship it." When rebuilding it we decided to just set ourselves a deadline. We also migrated the site from Wordpress to our beloved and favorite PHP framework Laravel. So we decided what better time to launch a new Laravel website than at Laracon US. Good or bad, after one late night development push in the conference hotel the night before, we quietly rolled out our new creative design face lift.

Moving forward we will work hard at improving it in a more regular way. The new website includes a blog component that should help us keep up with the open-source community and continue to share our creative vision for Laravel development. The website also includes a refocusing of our creative services to emphasize our processes and passion for creating value-based solutions to the complex business challenges that companies face. Let us know what you think and give us suggestions for the blog posts you would like to see by contacting our Support Team.