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Do you have a passion for well-crafted products? Are you an artisan who wants to collaborate? Do you take pride in the creative process of designing and developing modern web applications? Then you will be happy to know that we want to work with you

Can Code Change Lives?

For most, coding is a magical power that fuels their favorite smart-phone apps. For the team at Artisans Collaborative, programming is a valuable skill we offer our valued customers. The question remains, could being able to code mean more? Can code actually change lives? NPX is working with The Last Mile project to make code have an impact.

Event Sourcing: Code With the Flow

Does this sound familiar? At every turn you need better reporting and more information from your data but are unable to fill in the data gaps. Perhaps you have heard of DDD, CQRS, and event sourcing as possible solutions. Your interest is peaked, but it seems like your favorite framework is just not setup to give you the needed tooling. All the new names and concepts are confusing, and you are having a hard time keeping it all straight. It is like you are coding against the flow.

How to Use Buddy to Continuously Develop a Laravel PHP Application

Deployment is an important process in the artisan's workflow. Often it is limited by hard to use toolsets. A new service called Buddy recently debuted and offers the innovative tools that make performing continuous development simple. Their beautiful app makes getting started with automated code testing and continuous deployment easy. We want to share a real-world workflow demonstrated as a practical, hands-on walk through. If you follow along, you'll be able to get your Laravel app tested, built, and deployed using Buddy.

What Makes an Artisan's Solution Better?

Products come in all quality levels to fit every customer's level of quality expectation. Quality customers demand quality craftsmanship. Artisans practice time-tested principles that make their applications and design interfaces a cut above the rest. They distil the very essence of the product to its simplest form and then refine it until the product is of the highest caliber. So what does it mean to create superior solutions and designs?

Seven Guidelines for Cultivating Artisan Habits

Take a moment to think about your current career. Are you where you want to be? Are you providing quality craftsmanship? Do you have great customer relationships? No matter the answers to these questions, you can start developing good habits today that will set you up for future success.